Ball World Peace Basketball Team


Ball World Peace is a newest expansion team in Sacramento, CA. The pacific west region of the ABA is proud to have Ball World Peace. This team plans on being really great, fun, friendly, and entertaining all at the same time. We will play high paced basketball with a lot of very high scores. We will press the issue on defense and we will win. At the end of each game, we shake a hand. Please support the team by buying a single game ticket or season tickets.

Thank you

For individual game or season tickets contact or call 916-529-8131 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cash and all major cards are accepted.

"Prayer without work is dead"

"Team work makes the dream work"

"There's no "i" in team"

"One for all and all for one"

"No excuses"

"Hard work pays off"

"Practice makes perfect"


"Go hard or go home"

"Yes we can"






Sacramento, CA, USA

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